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Pumpkin Patch by beePear Pumpkin Patch by beePear
As soon as I read about this contest I became super excited. I'd been thinking about being a child and the things that always took place in the fall. My elementary school's pumpkin patch was one of those things, and this year I really wished I could go back and see it. Since I can't it seemed the perfect subject matter for this contest. Anyway, the pumpkin patch was always held on the school grounds near the parking lot. They would set up hay bales and have tons of pumpkins. There were also snow cones, but I didn't include them because I didn't usually get one. We went for the pumpkins, that's all. So I focused on making the pumpkins and had a lot of fun with those.

The entire diorama is made of paper with the exception of the ties on the hay bales (for which I used black thread). Everything is held in place with glue. Since the contest was based on memories I felt it extremely important to give the entire piece a paper doll effect. I used to get a lot of paper doll books and loved them. Had I thought about making my own, I would have. Sadly I never thought about that so much as I simply drew my dolls (and everything else I could get ahold of). That being said, it was really important to me to utilize paper. I have an obsession with paper. One of the main things I took from my time in a print shop, was learning more about different types of paper.
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October 28, 2012
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